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Frightening Friday – Orange and Black


In recognition of the holiday weekend, I figured an orange and black post would be appropriate.  Here are some items to wear, decorate with, and use!  Chairs by Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, always coveted!

How great is that orange one!

Throw some lighting in there.

Watches!  I should definitely splurge for one of these!

Chairs from Hive – orange black
Cameras from Adorama – black orange
Lights from Tom Dixon – orange black
Watches from Alessi – black orange

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Jacket1 Jacket2 Jacket3 Jacket4

With all this rain I thought a rain related post might be appropriate.  Rain gear is something I never have and with the amount it’s been raining, always want!  I never thought it was worth investing in rain gear, since ‘how often does it really rain?!’  –  but now I’m definitely considering at least investing in a good pair of boots!

Umbrella1 Umbrella2 Umbrella3 Umbrella4

Rainboot1 Rainboot2 Rainboot3 Rainboot4

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Travel Posters

travel poster

I have been doing a bit of bedroom redecorating, and I am stuck on finding the perfect thing to hang over my bed.  I have a large frame I want to use, but am struggling to figure out what I want in it.  This led me to searching today, and I ended up in the travel poster section.  I haven’t found ‘the one’ for my bedroom, but they were all just so great I had to share!  Enjoy.

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Josh Jakus


I fell in love with Josh Jakus about 3 years ago, after seeing the amazing products he was designing utilizing industrial felt and other recycled materials.  He was probably the reason I first fell in love with felt.


He has recently started designing under the new brand of FUZ – where he hopes to continue making products from felt and other recycled materials but at a lower price point.  Make sure to check his stuff out!



2010 Olympic Medals


I pretty much love the Olympics, and I have been looking forward to the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics for awhile now.  How great are the medals for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that were just revealed this past Thursday?!  Each medal has a different hand-cropped section of an abstract painting done by a local artist making each medal unique – just as each athlete is unique.  The paralympic medals are similar – more rectangular in shape and have cropped sections from a different painting.  Take a look at this video on the Olympic website explaining how the medals were created.  I love that the Olympics have also become an opportunity for excellent design – a truly universal language.


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Philly Friday – Rogue Theory


A few weekends ago, I happened to stop at an Arts Festival out by Ridley Creek State Park and discovered the great products that Rogue Theory offers.  Textiles + patterns always make me stop to look!  Not only did they have a great variety of products – ranging from large clutches, to business card holders, wallets, and camera strap covers – but they were great prices too!  Rogue Theory is based locally here in Philadelphia (support local), and I (and my roomate) can attest to the quality of their products, seeing as we both walked away with multiple products.  You can find their site here, and a link to their etsy site here.  Be sure to notice when they go to local festivals as they have a better selection of products and discounted prices too!

I’m not sure if I’m going to turn ‘Philly Friday’ into a series or not, but maybe we’ll try to keep the alliteration.  We could always do FFFFound Friday, Fiesta Friday, Fringe Friday… leave me a comment with more alliteration ideas!

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Moss Points North


In looking up the urban legend that moss only grows on one side of the tree and this can help you when you are lost in the woods – I found it is in fact (mostly) true!  In the northern hemisphere, the south side of things receive the sunlight, and since moss likes to grow in cooler places with less sunlight, it tends to grow on the north side of trees.  Now in dense forests where hardly any light shines through, it can be found surrounding the tree, but it is usually still more dense on the northern facing side.  I also learned that ski slopes are usually on the north side of the mountains, since they are cooler as well.

And there’s your science lesson for the day!

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I want Wednesday – Paperoot


At the National Stationary Show this past May I met the fabulous people at Paperoot.  I instantly fell in love with their products.  The thing I love most about paper products are all the different textures and layers, which the products at paperoot definitely have.  I specifically love the sewing details holding the different layers together – the stitches are right up my alley!


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