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2010 Olympic Medals



I pretty much love the Olympics, and I have been looking forward to the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics for awhile now.  How great are the medals for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that were just revealed this past Thursday?!  Each medal has a different hand-cropped section of an abstract painting done by a local artist making each medal unique – just as each athlete is unique.  The paralympic medals are similar – more rectangular in shape and have cropped sections from a different painting.  Take a look at this video on the Olympic website explaining how the medals were created.  I love that the Olympics have also become an opportunity for excellent design – a truly universal language.



4 thoughts on “2010 Olympic Medals

  1. Hmm…I like these ones a lot. I would like a gold one. Now to think of a sport to compete in….

  2. I think curling is awesome – and you don’t have to train since you were 2.5 yrs old to compete!

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