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Since moving into my own house (instead of a dorm) close to 3 years ago, I have started to try my hand (or thumb) at keeping a few plants alive.  It started with a plant my mother was going to get rid of which I adopted – and have since moved into a bigger pot, and am proud to report is growing healthily!  My roommate has put up with my collection expanding (and shrinking) with a few attempts to grow living things from seeds (mostly failures) and picking up some plants to add to my original.

Recently, I have been considering making a terrarium.  I do best with plants that can survive on their own.  The most you can expect me to do is water them regularly.  A terrarium on the other hand, is supposed to basically take care of itself.  The condensation from the plant on the glass re-waters the plant and you have a tiny living eco-system in your own home – how cool is that!  Unfortunately, the really sweet terrariums pictured above (#1 and #2) are not in my budget – but I just might try this project and make my own!


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