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I want Wednesday – Indiana Glass Hen

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I am a sucker for nostalgia.  My mom has had the same mixing bowl for as long as I can remember (the olive green pyrex one with the 60s inspired flower pattern!).  I love it so much that my sister ended up getting me my own at a garage sale for my birthday a few years ago!  I definitely have a certain attachment to select objects my family and friends own.

The latest item I have been wanting is my own version of the glass hen my Grandma has at her house.  Usually filled with candy and such, she has the amber colored dish – but I was excited to find that it is made in green (among other colors) as well.  Now the dilemma is whether to get the green one (half nostalgia) or the amber one (full nostalgia!).

They seem to be readily available by searching e-bay and in internet searching I have turned up this info about them and this other store to purchase them through.  I think this one is going on my Christmas list!


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