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I want Wednesday – A New Watch

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Today I have to put aside my excitement about the Olympics, the upcoming valentine’s day, and even the snow that is still coming down to focus on a pressing issue:  my watch has broken!  I started wearing a watch around a year and a half ago and immediately wondered why I had ever stopped, it’s so amazing to know what time it is whenever you want to know without digging out my cellphone.  I found some great styles out there and need to figure out which one to invest in – and I have to admit, I read digital better – but I think I’m willing to get better at reading analog so I can get the grey one in the top row!

Top:  Teal Casio, Brown Alessi, Grey Starck
Bottom:  Brown Alessi, Black Alessi, Yellow Casio, Black MIH, Black Dice, Green Wize and Ope


One thought on “I want Wednesday – A New Watch

  1. I agree! Wearing a watch is so handy! Let me know what you end up with : )

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