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From Me to You

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I remember in grade school when you had to give your entire class a Valentine card.  We would each make our own Valentine mailbox either from a brown paper bag or even milk cartons one year, and place it on ours desks – then during our Valentine party they would get filled up with cards and goodies.  Even with the generic boxes of cards I would get from the latest movie that came out or popular TV show, I would agonize over which cards to give to which people.  The cutest boys got cards with subtle hints and I usually gave the biggest one to my teacher (I think that’s what it was there for…).  Anyways, since I can’t give you all Valentine cards, here’s a selection from me to you!

all cards from this flickr group.


One thought on “From Me to You

  1. We decorated brown paper bags on my floor in the dorms this year! We put them outside our door, and I actually got quite a few Valentines. Oh the memories…

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