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Nike Running


I have recently found a new enjoyment for running.  While I’m all about running outside (especially with the lovely spring weather!) I’ve found that the ‘facts’ the treadmill tells you are very motivating.  Each time I get on I can try to beat my last pace or try for a more difficult incline.  I’m enjoying the challenge (at least for now…).

These running shoes from Nike are definitely enviable.  Above is the Nike LunarGlide and below the Nike Free (which is supposed to mimic running barefoot!).  Hopefully I stick with running long enough to justify getting a pair.  Check out their entire selection here.


3 thoughts on “Nike Running

  1. I went running outside was wonderful!

  2. Check out Nike+! or did I already tell you how awesome it is?! The treadmill facts with you everywhere! And you can compare and be motivated by friends’ recent runs.

  3. I should definitely look into that!

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