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Etsy Find Friday – Easter

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It’s a holiday weekend and my sister is coming into town!  We’re planning several activities for our time together – one of them being dying easter eggs.  I thought I would look up a few options if you don’t want to dye your fingers creating your own!  I also found the popout cards below – how fun – maybe I should start sending easter cards!

Pysanky – Easter Eggs – Kraslice – $6 {Labka}
2 Wooden Easter Eggs – $6 {greenbaboondesigns}
Upcycled, Felted and Hand Embroidered Easter Egg – $18 {miceelf}
Wooden Easter Eggs with Decorative Texturing – $19.95 {WoodExpressions}
Easter Egg Pop-Up Card and Bunny Pop-Up Card – $4.50 {candyspotting}


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