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Etsy Find Friday – John W. Golden


It’s supposed to be up in the 80s here in Philly this weekend {yikes!} – a little bit of early summer I guess.  These colorful prints from John W. Golden’s lunastrella series are perfect warm weather tones.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Find Friday – John W. Golden

  1. These are pretty awesome. You should check out <a title="Kate Bingaman Burt's Work. " href="; Kate Bingaman Burt's Work. I got her Mix Tape Poster a few months ago on Etsy but she ran out of them.

    You can see it here <a title="Mix Tape Poster" href="; Mix Tape Poster

  2. sorry about the bag links.

  3. I got the gist of it, and really like the poster! I’m moving to a new place in June/July – I’m thinking of investing in some prints for the new space… I’ll have to keep her on my radar.

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