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Andy Goldsworthy

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I’ve been working on adding some projects into my portfolio that I wasn’t able to get to while I was in school and last night I was reminded how much I love Andy Goldsworthy.  I first encountered his work in high school and wrote a report on him for one of my art classes.  His work is created using items in nature and then they are left to decay naturally.  If you like the images here, you should definitely take some time to browse through some of his books at a local bookstore or try to search for some video clips of his installations (scroll down for one I found – not a huge fan of the music, but it gives you a great glimpse of his work).

{images here}

Below is the school project that I was looking at that reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy.  I had the opportunity to do a short term study abroad to the Dominican Republic, and while there we had to create an installation in the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy.  My team and I decided to use deconstructed palm fronds and weave them around a deciduous tree found on the grounds where we were staying.  We were able to return each day and document the natural decomposition of our installation as well.


One thought on “Andy Goldsworthy

  1. I really love his work! Its both simple and beautiful with no lasting environmental impact

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