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Etsy Find Friday – Air Plants

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I’ve been intrigued by ‘air plants’ for awhile now.  I guess they can survive without dirt?!  Seems like a pretty easy to maintain plant.  Here we have a ‘plant pod’ to showcase your air plant upside down, some wall hanging tiles to display your air plant, and little jars and beakers to showcase these interesting specimens.

Hanging Air Plant Pod – $30 {mudpuppy}
Air Plant Mounted on Glazed Reclaimed Tile – $22.50 {tohold}
Air Plant Mounted on Tile – $14 {tohold} 
Tiny Tiny Air Plant Terrarium – $14.50 {TortoiseLovesDonkey}
Scientific Air Plant – $12.75 {TortoiseLovesDonkey}


One thought on “Etsy Find Friday – Air Plants

  1. did Julie tell you about her sensitive plant? you should search for a video on youtube – pretty fun!

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