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ICFF: Tim Byrne


As I mentioned – I have a lot of ICFF material to get through, so I’m definitely going to up my posting for a bit to get all of this content in without dragging it out.  Check back throughout the day for more ICFF coverage!

First up:  Tim Byrne uses reclaimed industrial objects to create beautiful tables – I wish one of these would fit in my house!

{This is part of a larger series of ICFF posts – to see more from this series click here}

2 thoughts on “ICFF: Tim Byrne

  1. Hello Amy,
    We appreciate your comments regarding the 2010 ICFF. I would like to speak with you about some thing new we will be launching @ the NY-DC “What’s New, What’s Next”. Please call me @ 203-709-1988 or e-mail me @ I look forward to speaking with you.



  2. Thanks Charlie! If you have a link to a site or your work I would love to take a look.

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