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ICFF: Sandback


Sandback did some great stuff with their ‘end grain’ collection – my favorite are definitely the drum tables!  {above}

They also seem like such a cute family owned business!


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2 thoughts on “ICFF: Sandback

  1. I’ve been in the family business since 1970. Our business is End Grain Flooring and you could see us at I’m always looking around the web for interesting things……..and I found the end grain tables you made and the white logs with the end grain surface. Will you please respond back to me and let me know how I can access these pieces, can I show them on our site……..can we link together! Can we talk to each other. My number in Massachusetts is 508-879-1500, my cell is 508-259-9049

  2. Hello Norman, the tables are made by a company named Sandback- you should start there!

    Thanks for reaching out!

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