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I want Wednesday – Piano


I grew up with a piano in my house so I feel like I have been playing the instrument my entire life.  I think I started official lessons in 6th grade but received my first piano lesson books in kindergarten for Christmas.  Playing the piano is one of the things I definitely miss from home.  I was up in Rochester this weekend and was able to play my grandparents piano for a little bit – it was great to play again [though I’m a bit rusty!].  My only requirements for my personal piano someday are, I would prefer an upright & I would prefer a used one [so it’s already broken in a bit!].  Someday.

image here.


2 thoughts on “I want Wednesday – Piano

  1. Amy…anything else about music on your web site? My friend Sherry has produced a CD of wild animal songs. All the music and words are hers. Kids sing on some of them.
    They can be purchased over Amazon. The title is just “Wild Animal Songs”. How could she get the word out on something like this?
    I’m enjoying looking at all your “stuff”.

  2. PS I might have a piano for you. This one gets played so seldom. But, when I go to someone else’s house, I always look for a piano and sit down to play. Aunt Jan has both a piano and a keyboard so I use the latter since it’s a novelty.

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