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Snapshots {From the Kitchen}


I decided this year I want to try and share a bit more of ‘behind the scenes’ what I do and make – first up are some baked goods – spice cake mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sliced kumquats to be exact!  The inspiration for these yummies came from a friends bridal shower I went to in December.  The hostess created pretty much the same thing but with gingerbread cupcakes – so good.  I had a boxed spice cake mix that I figured would create an adequate substitution.  The fact that they’re mini doesn’t hurt either!


4 thoughts on “Snapshots {From the Kitchen}

  1. Those look yummy!

  2. What do kumquats taste like? Are they a citrus fruit?

  3. Yeah, they remind me of mini oranges! And you just eat them whole, skin and all.

  4. Great job, Amy! They look beautiful AND delicious :)

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