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This Month {February}

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Today marks the first of the month and therefore I’m going to kickstart a new series intended to get everyone excited for all the wonderful things happening each month!

For February:
Let’s start things off chronologically and look into the near future to Groundhog day.  Hopefully everyone is wishing along with me that Phil does NOT see his shadow, and spring comes early!  To help celebrate, pick up one of these adorable felt groundhogs [2] or a vintage groundhog target [3]- which could be useful depending on the outcome tomorrow {sidenote: I am not promoting the shooting of live animals…}

Moving into the middle of the month is the holiday February is best known for: Valentine’s day – drape a beautiful heart garland [1] around the home or give a photo book [5] to that special someone.

This month also contains two presidential birthdays so why not pick up something to celebrate – a George Washington eye pillow [4] perhaps, or an Abraham Lincoln profile [6] out of recycled wood – I’ll leave the decision up to you!


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