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Snapshots {DIY}


This winter I decided to try my hand at forcing some bulbs indoors – it’s a great way to break up the dreary few months where sunshine is hard to find.  It’s really simple, so I decided to put together a little step-by-step for everyone.

– Container for your bulbs {for Christmas I gave people bulbs in mason jars}
– Fish tank gravel {this is what I used, I think small pebbles would work as well}
– Bulbs {I purchased mine at home depot – paperwhite bulbs seem to be the common flower to force indoors during the winter}

1 – Put roughly 2 inches of gravel in the container 
2 – Place bulbs into the gravel pushing down slightly so they are secure
{3 fit nicely in my container}
3 – Put in more gravel so just the tops of the bulbs are peeking out
4 – Pour water in until it’s just below the gravel level

Your bulbs will start to grow pretty quickly until they’re tall and produce fragrant blossoms.


2 thoughts on “Snapshots {DIY}

  1. Liz and wanted to do these for in her windows! Nice post.

  2. Thanks! I have some bulbs left over {not sure how they’ll ‘keep’} – I could drop a few off at your studio if you like.

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