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Snapshots {Party Invitations}


I’m so excited about this post, I’ve been holding in the surprise for a few months now – my sisters and I threw my parents a surprise 50th birthday party a few weekends ago!  Their birthdays are 12 days apart and for this special year we decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary.  I was able to design custom postcard invitations, work on party decorations, and make yummy food.  I have been waiting to share the details with everyone – starting with the invitations today.

We decided on postcards since they require cheaper postage to send, my design lead us to the blue color scheme for the party, and then I spent two days hand addressing 75 invitations – They seemed to work since we had over 60 people show up for our Saturday afternoon surprise!


3 thoughts on “Snapshots {Party Invitations}

  1. Lover the invitations but LOVE YOU even more! The party was wonderful . . . so many people we haven’t seen in a while!

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