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Snapshots {Party Details} : Part 1

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Along with making the invitations for my parent’s surprise party, I made a few other paper products for the day of the event.  My sister rounded up 50 different facts about my parents which we display on little ‘Guess Who’ sheets.  Items ranged from ‘guess who threw their cat in the dryer’ to ‘guess who worked at McDonald’s and many more.  Many of our amazing guests brought personal cards for my parents, but we also provided a little ‘memory/well wishes’ station if guests wanted to jot down a favorite memory or a little note.  What kind of party would it be without some great finger food and dessert platters.  I recycled some leftover invitations to create fun decorations for the food as well.

My grandma brought the flowers in the top picture – so cute! and my sister baked the amazing chocolatey goodies above!


One thought on “Snapshots {Party Details} : Part 1

  1. You all did an amazing job! We’re still eating cilantro.

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