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Leah Duncan Collaborations

I’m pretty sure Leah Duncan is one of my favorite artists/illustrators {see previous post}. She’s been doing a bunch of collaborations recently which I think is super great. Above, she teamed up with Teroforma to create a collection of trays, notecards, coasters and more with patterns referencing the urban and the organic. She also teamed up with Satsuma Press to produce a line of letterpress goodies and printed textiles. I definitely try to keep my eye on what she’s up to!

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Flower Scans

What a neat concept! This weekend I stumbled upon the blog of Craig Cramer and his monthly flower scans. He takes whatever blooms he has growing in his garden and arranges them on his home scanner, drapes a black cloth over them, and voila – really pretty flower pictures. It’s also really neat that he’s from near Ithaca so a lot of the flowers are from my home area and ones my mom has even had in her own gardens!


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