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Snapshots {Travelling}

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OK, a tiny little re-cap about my cross country journey – I’ll just share a few pictures. The journey started in PA where I’ve been for the past few years and ended up in AZ, my new home. I spent some time in upstate NY where I grew up {more on that later} and my sister and I headed out from there for the four day trip.

Above is a gorgeous overlook we stopped at while we were winding our way through CO, our favorite state!

I agreed to stop in Chicago on our way out so my sister could live her dream and spend some time with ‘the bean’. We ate pizza from Giordano’s, saw the bean, walked over to the waterfront, and checked out the neat architecture.

The above Instagram picture on the right has a fun story – our other sister was in Chicago a few days before we were there and we wanted her to leave us a message somewhere. We both received this text from her before we arrived: ‘You will find a note from me on the south wall of the bean area at the handicap entrance ramp. Look in the crack where the second poll of the hand railing going into the wall. The note is inside a red straw.‘ Pretty great, huh?! So the picture is the red straw we pulled out of the crack with the bean in the background!

The scenery obviously varied state to state and we both agreed that CO was our favorite which was a good thing since it was the most difficult driving. The views were worth the tough driving!

The last highlight of the trip {besides arriving} was going to the Grand Canyon. You always hear that it’s incomprehensible until you view it in person and I figured if I was going to be a resident of AZ I should check out what the state is known for. It was definitely incredible and I highly recommend it – plus you could pop down to visit me as well.

All in all, a great trip. We picked a pretty perfect route for the time of year. Now I’m just getting settled in and trying to figure out my new normal.


One thought on “Snapshots {Travelling}

  1. You definitely picked the most perfect route! And I love your last picture there of the Canyon : ] Oh! And your new normal – I wrote a blog post on that once..I’ll have to look for it!

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