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Lace Fence


I fell in love with the lace fences that Demakersvan produces years ago. Their ingenuity in bringing beauty to such an everyday object is refreshing. Each one is custom made by hand, simply amazing. Imagine my delight when I heard they were going to install one on my college campus! In connection with a campus wide movement titled ‘Lace in Translation’ the fence was put up a few years ago. On leaving Philly, photographing this fence jumped to the top of my ‘before I leave Philly’ bucket list. Simply stunning.

Of course there are many other equally amazing installations they have done throughout the world as well – I want one!


3 thoughts on “Lace Fence

  1. Amazing. Are all of these in Philly?

  2. The bottom 4 are from other spaces around the world, the top images I photographed on my campus :)

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