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I came across these words the other day and practically said AMEN out loud! With all the blogs and inspiration sites out there it is very easy to just get caught up in looking at all the amazing things on the internet and be inspired by what other people have done. I’ve been really frustrated for awhile now with my lack of turning that around and being creative in my own life and have needed to change a few priorities now that I’m working again {man 40 hours a week takes a lot of time!}. For these and other reasons I am suspending my blogging until at least the new year. I’m definitely sad to be ‘giving it up’, especially because I really do have so many inspiring things to share, but I know it’s the right thing for now. It’s amazing how it’s already made the internet fun for me again! Instead of looking at everything as a potential post idea I just get to look and be inspired for my own life. I’ll still be pinning and I’m hoping to turn a lot more focus to my etsy shop but that might also have to wait until after the holidays since I have a few projects up my sleeve for Christmas time.

I challenge everyone to get out there and be creative!


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