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I Made This: Yarn Wallhanging

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North

I would say that my usual decorating M.O. is to have every wall covered with either artwork or furniture against it. I am not super comfortable with empty space. So when the wall between my closet and my bathroom was blank for over a year it was definitely starting to bug me. The bed corner comes close to the wall and so any furniture or shelving option was out of the picture since it is a small relatively high trafficked ‘hallway’.

When I came across the DIY project for these yarn wallhangings on the creativebug blog I knew I had to make one! I was able to use supplies and yarn that I had around the house and I even used up a few skeins of yarn. It was a fun therapeutic project that I completed in an afternoon while I caught up on some America’s Got Talent {no shame!}. The trickiest part is the trimming to get the shape you want. I ended up here with a bit of an off-kiltered chevron and I decided to let it sit for awhile to see how I like it. I figured less is more since you can’t add length back on! Maybe someday I’ll trim some more, we shall see.

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North


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I Made This: Terrarium

DIY Terrarium | Moss Points North

I want to start sharing a lot more of my personal projects that I make here on the blog, starting today with this terrarium! I am a self proclaimed plant mother and lover of the terrarium craze so when I saw this light in the thrift store, my mind immediately saw terrarium.

I see these hanging lights fairly regularly during my thrift store outings. I picked up a smaller one {I think I paid around $5} since I do not have a lot of space to play around with in my apartment. Once I disassembled the light, I flipped the glass shade upside down and laid in some fish tank gravel and enough soil to plant my succulent. I left the holes in the bottom open for drainage and placed it on a small plate I had.

I am so in love with how it turned out!

What are some thrift store items you have found and given new life to?

DIY Terrarium | Moss Points North
Terrarium DIY | Moss Points North
DIY Terrarium | Moss Points North

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Follow Friday: DIY and Baby Animals

Follow Friday | Moss Points North

I thought I would do a ‘Follow Friday’ here and share some online feeds I have been loving lately!

1 //
Absolutely enjoy following along with Anna’s blog as she shares her life, style and making her {2!} spaces her own.

2 //
Friend to {and found through} Anna, Daniel is another house DIY blog with a huge new ‘fixer-upper’ house to tackle! Plus he has cute dogs.

3 // @NatGeoPics
Sweet pictures all day every day. Super cute animals and envious vacation locations, this feed just brightens my day!


Macrame Hanging Planter

Macrame Plant Hanger | MPN

One of my oldest pins is for macrame hanging planters. The project seemed really simple to do but it took me a few years until I actually got around to making one!

My poor plant looks a bit ragged but it was a gift from my momma and it does keep growing leaves so I wanted to try and keep it around. I only have one window ledge for plants in my apartment and I was getting nervous that the poor guy was not liking the cold window during the winter. Solution — craft up a macrame hanging planter to hang it further from the window so it can still receive sunlight but not be so cold.

I had a good amount of rope laying around and a hook I screwed into my ceiling so it was a no cost project for me. The instructions were easy to follow and I definitely see myself making more and different variations in the future!

Original Pinned Link  |  My Crafty Ideas Board  |  My Pinterest

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’m assuming most of you have heard of Pinterest? It’s pretty common to ‘pin’ a lot of things but never get around to trying them out so I wanted to take the time to share a few of my pins that I have actually gotten around to trying.

On the docket today are these Banana Muffins. I have a freezer full of bananas that were going bad but I didn’t want to throw away. When there were three more I was about to banish away I decided I should use them instead! The original recipe called for just chocolate chips, but I got a little crazy and threw in some macadamia nuts too {call me crazy!}.

I felt like the recipe turned out pretty well and I’ll be sure to save this one to do again!

Original Pinned Link  |  My Breakfast Board  |  My Pinterest


Growing Sweet Potatoes

Grow roots from a sweet potato

Did you know that you could get a sweet potato to grow roots? I certainly didn’t!

When a sweet potato sitting on my counter started to grow a few leaves I wondered if I could encourage the growth along. I decided to chop it in half and prop it in a glass with a few toothpicks. I kept the cut part submerged in water and after maybe two weeks, roots started growing! The root growth you see here happened in a week and a half, if you can believe it. I was so surprised one, to get roots – and two, that they grew so fast after they started. They started grow up and out of the water so I figured it was time to pot the ‘plant’.

Not sure what you are supposed to do from here to potentially get more sweet potatoes, but for now I just stuck it in some dirt. I think it looks pretty funny! I’m going to see if a friend might plant it in their garden this season and see if anything comes from it!

Has anyone else done this before? Multiplied sweet potatoes? I am so fascinated by growing things – I think it’s so fun!

Potted sweet potatoe

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DIY: Terrarium

Instagram Photo by Amy Tischer

I built {planted?} myself a terrarium!

Now, I will admit a few plants have passed on since these initial images were taken — but it was super fun to do and I still love the 4ish plants that survived. They have actually started to overgrow the vessel so you can’t really notice the absence of the other plants now!

I grabbed myself a planter when they were on sale at West Elm that I had my eye on for awhile and then just used some fish tank gravel in the bottom for a little drainage. My little succulents were purchased at the Wal-Mart {yes, I shudder to admit it – but how can you beat $2 tiny baby plants?!} and now they sit on my window sill.

Instagram Photo by Amy Tischer

Images  ©Amy Tischer