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Want: Bramble Workshop

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North

Attention world! I have figured out what I want in life. I want to be Jessica Pezalla from Bramble Workshop! She is an event styling and store display lady and I am in love with her work.

I am having a mini career crisis at the moment and am trying to figure out which direction to head in. I have always had ideas of careers I think I would like in my head but have never truly tried to take action to make them happen.

Right now, Anthropologie window display designer sounds like the ultimate business card title and it has for awhile. So how do I make that happen? More school? Do cool stuff to get noticed? Work crappy jobs while I develop my artistic style? Who knows! Ideas are definitely welcomed.

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North


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Lovely Monday {7}

Round-up of design inspiration | MPN

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

1 // The amazing Casa Maracanã is a great indoor/outdoor space
{via The Design Ark}

2 // I love the watercolor work done on The Great Catering Company branding

3 // Who could go wrong with a Kaleido Tray?

4 // And a semi-random but I love it video about a guy living on his own island with a bunch of turtles!

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Oh Monday. {4}

Areaware rhino, manhattan townhouse, food collages an menagerie print

I may be a bit slow to get back into the groove of things, but I’ve given myself enough time off!

Let’s see what we have for today:

1 // L-O-V-E-ing these food collages from Julie Lee’s instagram!
{via The Design Ark}

2 // Adorable rhino box from Areaware

3 // Keeping with the animal theme is this Menagerie poster from Naomi Wilkinson

4 // and to round things out, this sweet house has a pool in it!