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I Made This: Yarn Wallhanging

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North

I would say that my usual decorating M.O. is to have every wall covered with either artwork or furniture against it. I am not super comfortable with empty space. So when the wall between my closet and my bathroom was blank for over a year it was definitely starting to bug me. The bed corner comes close to the wall and so any furniture or shelving option was out of the picture since it is a small relatively high trafficked ‘hallway’.

When I came across the DIY project for these yarn wallhangings on the creativebug blog I knew I had to make one! I was able to use supplies and yarn that I had around the house and I even used up a few skeins of yarn. It was a fun therapeutic project that I completed in an afternoon while I caught up on some America’s Got Talent {no shame!}. The trickiest part is the trimming to get the shape you want. I ended up here with a bit of an off-kiltered chevron and I decided to let it sit for awhile to see how I like it. I figured less is more since you can’t add length back on! Maybe someday I’ll trim some more, we shall see.

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North


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August Insta-Vision

August Instagram Highlights | Moss Points North

I figured it was time for a bit of a catch up on what sorts of shenanigans I’ve been up to. What better way than with the insta-vision that is my instagram!

– The most exciting thing that happened in August was that I announced that my shop, Rainy Tuesday, was open!
– Another exciting thing from August was that I started volunteering with the Phoenix Creative Mornings which was amazing
– Breakfast in bed and painted blue dinos are a common sight at my apartment
– I did an early morning hike at Squaw Peak {which I guess is now Piestewa} which was fabulous
– Mailboxes were viewed at one of my several post office journeys
– Tikka Masala. Enough said. {oh, and coconut milk rice}

Follow along in September: @amyelizabeth21
Rainy Tuesday VintagePhoenix Creative MorningsBreakfast in BedDinasaurSquaw Peak in PhoenixMailboxes in PhoenixTikka Masala

images ©Amy Tischer

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After the Jump

Have you guys seen the new adventure Grace Bonney (founder of Design*Sponge) has embarked upon? Her latest is a design radio talkshow called After the Jump. Every week she is interviewing different members of the creative community. She started out with some pretty big names; kicking the show off with Todd Oldham and then a few weeks later she had Genevieve Gorder on (can we all admit that Genevieve was our favorite from Trading Spaces, OK… her and Vern). I know I’ve enjoyed listening to them. I catch them over on the Heritage Radio site where they have them available after the live show if you’re interested!

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More Self-Creation

I came across these words the other day and practically said AMEN out loud! With all the blogs and inspiration sites out there it is very easy to just get caught up in looking at all the amazing things on the internet and be inspired by what other people have done. I’ve been really frustrated for awhile now with my lack of turning that around and being creative in my own life and have needed to change a few priorities now that I’m working again {man 40 hours a week takes a lot of time!}. For these and other reasons I am suspending my blogging until at least the new year. I’m definitely sad to be ‘giving it up’, especially because I really do have so many inspiring things to share, but I know it’s the right thing for now. It’s amazing how it’s already made the internet fun for me again! Instead of looking at everything as a potential post idea I just get to look and be inspired for my own life. I’ll still be pinning and I’m hoping to turn a lot more focus to my etsy shop but that might also have to wait until after the holidays since I have a few projects up my sleeve for Christmas time.

I challenge everyone to get out there and be creative!

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Things have been pretty quite on here as of late, what with the festivities of Christmas and all :) – it’s been great spending time with family!  I’m planning on keeping things pretty low key until the 10th or so since I’m going on a ROADTRIP!  I’m planning on driving the ‘southern route’ out to Phoenix, AZ with my best friend – we’re planning on spending New Years Eve on the road, see the Narnia movie somewhere, and hopefully make lots of memories and see some amazing roadside sites along the way.

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