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Want: Bramble Workshop

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North

Attention world! I have figured out what I want in life. I want to be Jessica Pezalla from Bramble Workshop! She is an event styling and store display lady and I am in love with her work.

I am having a mini career crisis at the moment and am trying to figure out which direction to head in. I have always had ideas of careers I think I would like in my head but have never truly tried to take action to make them happen.

Right now, Anthropologie window display designer sounds like the ultimate business card title and it has for awhile. So how do I make that happen? More school? Do cool stuff to get noticed? Work crappy jobs while I develop my artistic style? Who knows! Ideas are definitely welcomed.

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North


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Want: WSAKE Jewelry


I stumbled across this jewelry made by the Germany based father/daughter team of WSAKE recently – isn’t it wonderful?

“he is a very experienced silver smith who knows all the tricks
she is a grafic designer but has always worked in her fathers workshop

sometimes we work together on our jewellery
sometimes we do it alone
but in the end this doesn´t matter

we are family

and we love what we do

we like working with our hands”

Love me that pretzel necklace!