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Black Carl Promo Videos

Ok, its time to brag a bit. My incredibly talented videographer boyfriend just released several video promos for a local band and I just had to share!

The band, Black Carl, is headed out on tour starting next week and David worked with them at the beginning of the year to shoot and edit these promo videos of them preparing in the studio and doing community events around town promoting their PHX HAS SOL message. If you’re Phoenix local, help them kick off their tour next Friday at the Sail Inn or if you’re around the nation check to see if they’re coming near you! Oh, and give them some YouTube lovin’ as well.


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A Taste of Phoenix Art at The Clarendon Hotel

Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

This past weekend The Clarendon Hotel hosted an art installation event titled Artel Phx. They put a call out for area artists to set up installations and artwork throughout the hotel. Several rooms had exhibits along with live dance numbers and other art scattered around the space.

Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

Flames projected onto a phoenix, A yarn-bombed bicycle, Electric cacti, Yarn take-over of a hotel room

Epix FX at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

My main interest at the exhibit was one put on by Epic FX. This laser installation was projected down a long hallway and consisted of different laser beams and sound effects triggered simultaneously but always randomly to create a truly unique live experience for all the guests.

Epix FX at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North Dagne Hanson at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

The other exhibit that I enjoyed a bit more than the others was the paintings displayed from Dagne Hanson. You usually can’t go wrong with paintings of flowers!

Dagne Hanson at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

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Mondays in the Kitchen {10}

Monday Inspiration | Moss Points North

Some kitchen lovelies for this Monday’s dose of inspiration!

1 // These amazing denim boat napkins from Freshly Printed can definitely live on my table.

2 // More great table textiles like this Green Forest Table Runner are available over at Avril Loreti’s etsy shop.

3 // Find a great mix of patterned items, trivets, placemats etc. over at OYOY.

4 //  Rounding out the mix is this great looking cutting board from Lostine available at their online retailer Minam.
{and they’re from Philadelphia!}

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Jump Off the Page

Jump Off the Page Prints | Moss Points North

These prints from Jump Off the Page are perfect encouragement for adventuring and kick-starting new things! What explorations do you have planned for this fall?

Phoenix Friends! Check out these adventures this weekend:
Artel Phx exhibit at The Clarendon // Friday and Saturday night // Free!
First Friday // Friday night // Free!
Twelfth Night by GCU’s fine arts program // Friday, Saturday, Sunday // $12

Jump Off the Page Prints | Moss Points North Jump Off the Page Prints | Moss Points North

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August Insta-Vision

August Instagram Highlights | Moss Points North

I figured it was time for a bit of a catch up on what sorts of shenanigans I’ve been up to. What better way than with the insta-vision that is my instagram!

– The most exciting thing that happened in August was that I announced that my shop, Rainy Tuesday, was open!
– Another exciting thing from August was that I started volunteering with the Phoenix Creative Mornings which was amazing
– Breakfast in bed and painted blue dinos are a common sight at my apartment
– I did an early morning hike at Squaw Peak {which I guess is now Piestewa} which was fabulous
– Mailboxes were viewed at one of my several post office journeys
– Tikka Masala. Enough said. {oh, and coconut milk rice}

Follow along in September: @amyelizabeth21
Rainy Tuesday VintagePhoenix Creative MorningsBreakfast in BedDinasaurSquaw Peak in PhoenixMailboxes in PhoenixTikka Masala

images ©Amy Tischer

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Playing with Textures

September iphone background download | Moss Points North

When I started thinking about creating some September backgrounds I had a few things on my mind. One, I was in the process of re-potting all my plants {more on that later} and two, the building texture collection I recently downloaded from Go Media! I figured I should dig in and see what I could do if I played around with some of the textures. I definitely don’t have a handle on how to wield the magic texture pack effortlessly but it was fun to get my feet wet. Enjoy!

Plant Baby // iPhone 4 // iPhone 5

Texture Sun // iPhone 4 // iPhone 5

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Monday! Er… Tuesday! {9}

Monday Round Up | Moss Points North

Hello Lovelies! With the holiday yesterday I felt I should wait on the Monday round up until today. I hope everyone was able to enjoy a bit of relaxing yesterday. Yay for a short week!

Today I rounded up a few things from around the interwebs that you should take some time to click over and explore – you won’t be disappointed!

1 // If you have never stumbled upon or taken the time to scroll through the wedding website for Jess {the fabulous Jessica Hische that is} and Russ, than hop to it! It’s definitely old news, since they’re already married, but I’m glad they kept the site up – it’s a really interesting scroll through and features several of their illustrator friends.

2 // ‘Make it Pop!’ – how many times have you had a client say those exact words to you? Over in Ireland, “ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more took time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.” Take some time and take a look!

3 // The Makers Project by Jennifer Causey took a peak into the Best Made Company studio in New York. Hop on over for images and a short interview {along with a lot more featured makers!}.

4 // Judith ann Braun is an artist that draws with her fingertips dipped in charcoal!