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I Made This: Yarn Wallhanging

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North

I would say that my usual decorating M.O. is to have every wall covered with either artwork or furniture against it. I am not super comfortable with empty space. So when the wall between my closet and my bathroom was blank for over a year it was definitely starting to bug me. The bed corner comes close to the wall and so any furniture or shelving option was out of the picture since it is a small relatively high trafficked ‘hallway’.

When I came across the DIY project for these yarn wallhangings on the creativebug blog I knew I had to make one! I was able to use supplies and yarn that I had around the house and I even used up a few skeins of yarn. It was a fun therapeutic project that I completed in an afternoon while I caught up on some America’s Got Talent {no shame!}. The trickiest part is the trimming to get the shape you want. I ended up here with a bit of an off-kiltered chevron and I decided to let it sit for awhile to see how I like it. I figured less is more since you can’t add length back on! Maybe someday I’ll trim some more, we shall see.

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North


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A Taste of Phoenix Art at The Clarendon Hotel

Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

This past weekend The Clarendon Hotel hosted an art installation event titled Artel Phx. They put a call out for area artists to set up installations and artwork throughout the hotel. Several rooms had exhibits along with live dance numbers and other art scattered around the space.

Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

Flames projected onto a phoenix, A yarn-bombed bicycle, Electric cacti, Yarn take-over of a hotel room

Epix FX at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

My main interest at the exhibit was one put on by Epic FX. This laser installation was projected down a long hallway and consisted of different laser beams and sound effects triggered simultaneously but always randomly to create a truly unique live experience for all the guests.

Epix FX at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North Dagne Hanson at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

The other exhibit that I enjoyed a bit more than the others was the paintings displayed from Dagne Hanson. You usually can’t go wrong with paintings of flowers!

Dagne Hanson at Artel Phoenix at The Clarendon Hotel | Moss Points North

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Monday! Er… Tuesday! {9}

Monday Round Up | Moss Points North

Hello Lovelies! With the holiday yesterday I felt I should wait on the Monday round up until today. I hope everyone was able to enjoy a bit of relaxing yesterday. Yay for a short week!

Today I rounded up a few things from around the interwebs that you should take some time to click over and explore – you won’t be disappointed!

1 // If you have never stumbled upon or taken the time to scroll through the wedding website for Jess {the fabulous Jessica Hische that is} and Russ, than hop to it! It’s definitely old news, since they’re already married, but I’m glad they kept the site up – it’s a really interesting scroll through and features several of their illustrator friends.

2 // ‘Make it Pop!’ – how many times have you had a client say those exact words to you? Over in Ireland, “ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more took time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.” Take some time and take a look!

3 // The Makers Project by Jennifer Causey took a peak into the Best Made Company studio in New York. Hop on over for images and a short interview {along with a lot more featured makers!}.

4 // Judith ann Braun is an artist that draws with her fingertips dipped in charcoal!

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It’s Monday! {2}

Bookhou, embroidery, Risograph Calendar and Ariele Alasko

Hello hello!

So excited about my picks for today — you won’t regret checking out the links!

1 // Who could go wrong with anything from Bookhou?

2 // Love, love, love this metal embroidery exhibit seen on The Design Ark!
{yes, yes – I may have mentioned before…}

3 // Please check out this Risograph Calendar from Paper Pusher Printworks – even though it’s sold out, it is worth the visual inspiration!
{via Design Work Life}

4 // AND, super girl crush on Ariele Alaskocurrent studio tour on Design*Sponge AND the original apartment/studio tour where I fell in love

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Happy Monday {1}

Daniel Büttner, Evan Roth, Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz and Rebecca Green

Happy Monday!

We’re going to try something different on Mondays for a bit. Thanks for bearing with me as I continue to try to get a handle on what I want to blog about and how to balance this blog into my life. I have so much neat stuff from the internet to share but am struggling to find the time to post about it all! Hopefully these round-ups will be a bit easier to get the neat things in front of you. Definitely check out the links, all these people and works are great!

1 // Photography by Daniel Büttner

2 // Evan Roth did an exhibit tracking people’s fingerprints while they played Angry Birds. Pretty interesting!

3 // Drawings by Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz

4 // The work of Rebecca Green – I discovered her at a First Friday in Phoenix! {huge girl crush!}