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Jurassic World

Barbara Dziadisz

Did you watch Jurassic World this weekend? I thought it was epic… in an over-the-top dinosaur action adventure sort of way. Pretty amazing!

This print from Barbara Dziadosz reminded me of the good times – I love her illustration style!

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Goody Goody Giftswap 2014


Nothing like Christmas to inspire me to start blogging again! I wanted to let you guys know about the Goody Goody Giftswap — this project started last year and I was excited to jump on board and exchange something fun and creative with a stranger. You might not be quite as excited about Christmas and adding one more thing to you plate during the holidays as I am but who doesn’t love getting fun things in the mail?! Check out images from last year, sign up and help spread Christmas cheer!

From their site:
“Goody Goody Giftswap is a holiday gift swap for creatives all over the world. What began as a last minute idea to meet other creatives/makers, grew into a talented giftswapping community. We launched the swap with 20 participants and thanks to the amazing community we have out there – we closed the swap a week later with a little over 800 participants.

Our mission is to build community, connect creatives, and promote small independent businesses.

Thanks so much for visiting the site and fingers crossed we get to swap gifts some day soon!”

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Kaufmann Mercantile

Kaufmann Mercantile | Moss Points North

When looking at things to feature on the Round-Up this morning I came across Kaufmann Mercantile and decided it needed a round-up of its own! I figured you guys wouldn’t mind. This mercantile is wonderfully curated with products that range from camping gear to kitchen items.

“We put a lot of thought and research into everything we sell. Our slogan, “More of What Matters,” refers to the way purchasing goods for your everyday life ought to be – an opportunity to choose from durable, fine quality luxury items made under ethical, environmentally safe circumstances.”

1 Southern Field Industries Tote Bag (Charcoal), 2 Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Mug, 3 Buffalo Check Blanket(White & Black), 4 Japanese Chambray Pocket Square, 5 Flythrough Copper Bird Feeder, 6 Ghurka Cavalier Travel Bag – Army Canvas, 7 Handwoven Picnic Basket, 8 Belgian Linen Kitchen Towels (Flax & Red)

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Etsy: Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne Ellen | Moss Points North

These plates are all vintage findings that have been giving a new life with the addition of animal illustrations. They can be used at the table or as decorative pieces. I love the split giraffe and would definitely hang him on my wall!

Find these and more over at Yvonne Ellen’s etsy shop.

Yvonne Ellen | Moss Points North Yvonne Ellen | Moss Points North Yvonne Ellen | Moss Points North

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I Made This: Yarn Wallhanging

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North

I would say that my usual decorating M.O. is to have every wall covered with either artwork or furniture against it. I am not super comfortable with empty space. So when the wall between my closet and my bathroom was blank for over a year it was definitely starting to bug me. The bed corner comes close to the wall and so any furniture or shelving option was out of the picture since it is a small relatively high trafficked ‘hallway’.

When I came across the DIY project for these yarn wallhangings on the creativebug blog I knew I had to make one! I was able to use supplies and yarn that I had around the house and I even used up a few skeins of yarn. It was a fun therapeutic project that I completed in an afternoon while I caught up on some America’s Got Talent {no shame!}. The trickiest part is the trimming to get the shape you want. I ended up here with a bit of an off-kiltered chevron and I decided to let it sit for awhile to see how I like it. I figured less is more since you can’t add length back on! Maybe someday I’ll trim some more, we shall see.

Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North Yarn Wallhanging DIY | Moss Points North

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Woah, Monday!

Monday Inspiration Round-Up | Moss Points North

Hope everyone’s week is starting off fabulously!

1 // Loving the animal prints over on Lumadessa. Seen here is ‘Costa’s Hummingbird’!
via Design Work Life

2 // I have a few friends with new babies and right now I’m loving the blankets and accessories found in Juniper Wilde’s shop. They look so soft and the patterns are great!

3 // I don’t remember how I came across this image for what seems to be an architecture concept (or a real building… sometimes I think it’s hard to tell!) but I love the colors and the shapes!

4 // And to round things out, Beard Buddy is an adorable shop for all things beard related!

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Want: Bramble Workshop

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North

Attention world! I have figured out what I want in life. I want to be Jessica Pezalla from Bramble Workshop! She is an event styling and store display lady and I am in love with her work.

I am having a mini career crisis at the moment and am trying to figure out which direction to head in. I have always had ideas of careers I think I would like in my head but have never truly tried to take action to make them happen.

Right now, Anthropologie window display designer sounds like the ultimate business card title and it has for awhile. So how do I make that happen? More school? Do cool stuff to get noticed? Work crappy jobs while I develop my artistic style? Who knows! Ideas are definitely welcomed.

Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North Bramble Workshop | Moss Points North